What Are the Main Functions offered in Fleet Management Software?

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The Fleet Management Software is highly appreciated and preferred for all the businesses. It ensures that your products get in time to the customer so that you can gain customer satisfaction and trust. This is really very great software for building reliable customer relations which will also enhance your business profitability and reputation. So now, we will talk about some most advantageous features of the Fleet Management Software which will definitely make you prefer it for enhancing the business efficiency and profitability in your business too!

Fleet Management Software

  • In-Cab Navigation and scan: It is a GPS based navigation system which assist your drivers in making a best route selection for perfect and on time deliver and drivers can send any required document to the client or office without even leaving the vehicle.
  • Performance monitoring: The consumption of fuel, fleet safety and performance can be managed by the fleet managers which makes it more safe and convenient.
  • Expresslane: Fleet managers get the advantage of working off site via their mail, web or mobile Smartphone.
  • Email and Security Services: Flexible and Driver friendly simple email service for better security and higher productivity.
  • Content Delivery: Allows you to broadcast the pre-recorded mails or messages to drivers.
  • Speed Gauge: It will help you to identify the driving behavior and types of the roads which will minimize the possible driving risk and the risk factors can be controlled easily this way.
  • Automated departure and arrival: Delivery Schedules, status update and delays will be monitored with the help of this software which will help you to stay highly updated.
  • Automated Hours of Service: The real time information will help you to ensure the safety and compliance of the fleet.
  • Automated Fuel and Mileage Tax Reporting: The Mileage and fuel consumption will be tracked with the help of this internet based tool.

There are unlimited advantages of the Fleet Management Software so what are you waiting for? Just avail it today and see the significant chance in the profits and performance of your business Fleet Management service!