Types of VPNs Its Working and Advantages

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A growing business requires several offices across the globe. There arises the need for fast and secure sharing of information between them. This is solved by VPNs (Virtual Private Network). Nowadays, the concept of VPN is quite popular among the business owners. It is a private network that connects remote users via a public network. It works by establishing a direct and reliable connection between two users. There are many advantages of the service.


Remote access VPN:

It is quite popular among the users. It provides secure connections between users and a remote network. The components of this type are a media gateway (that the user connects to from the internet) and client software (the employees wanting to connect to such a network require certain software to connect known as client software).

Site to site VPN:

It has a wider reach. It can connect the offices in fixed places around the globe to one another with the help of internet. The two types of site to site VPN services are:

Intranet based: It is the service, in which offices of the same company are connected in different places via a public network.

Extranet based: When two different companies have tie-ups, they may establish connections between themselves for better and coordinated functioning. Such networks connect the offices of two companies in multiple locations with one another.

Equipment used for networking in VPN

1. Network access server: It maintains and sets up the tunnels.
2. Firewall: It establishes a barrier between the private and public network.
3. AAA server: It has three major responsibilities i.e Authentication, Authorization and Accounting. It has been named as AAA because all the three responsibilities begin with the alphabet A.

The major advantages of the service are many. Getting the Pro VPN Accounts is amazing for businesses as speed has no substitute in this service. You will get a very high speed networking in this system. You can easily depend on the service, as it is very much reliable. As such the service provides a great deal of security to the offices. You can choose the service without any kind of security threat.