Trendwoo Beat It – An Exceptional Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker for Your Device

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Trendoo was founded in 2000. Since then, the company has been considered a leading Wearable Technology company in the industry. It offers exceptional service in the development, design, marketing and programming of your business. For a long time, it has made sincere efforts to provide customers with the best solutions.

 Trendwoo_Beat_itIt keeps investigating latest technologies to develop products that are more functional, Hi-tech and affordable. The latest product from the company is a Hi-Fi Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for iPhone 6 and other devices. This stylish and exceptional speaker is called “Beat it”.

Key Features of the Speaker

As the name suggests, this is a Hi-FI Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for iPhone 6, other smartphones and devices that are compatible with high-end bluetooth speakers. “Beat it” offers a wide range of innovative features. Some of these include :

Exceptional Design – The speaker has an innovative and stylish design. It can produce clear and crisp sound up to Hi-Fi level. The design of this speaker can attract every onlooker and passser by.

CSR Bluetooth 4.0 – The speaker features latest and advanced CSR Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It delivers extra sharp sound while consuming less energy. Therefore, the speaker would not eat up your device is battery. You will enjoy music for extended periods.

Wireless Connectivity with NFC – The speaker is based on the concept of Near Field Communication Technology. Therefore, it allows a quick and easy Bluetooth connection with your device.

Take Calls and Portable Speaker – The design of the speaker is compact and stylish. Thus, you can carry it with you without experiencing any problems. Moreover, you can take calls on your smartphone and enjoy good sound quality.

X-Power – The device features a built-in 4,000 mAh battery. Thus, it can provide you with up to 8 hours of playtime without any interruptions. In addition to this, the metal shell surrounding the stylish body keeps the speaker safe during falls.

Trendwoo is the leading Wearable Technology Company in the industry. In recent times, it has been gaining tremendous popularity because of its high quality and affordable products. There is no doubt that “Beat it” is another excellent product from the company.

It has an appealing design, innovative features and offers exceptional sound quality. If you have been looking for a Hi-Fi Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for iPhone 6 and other devices, you would not get anything better than Beat It. It is one of the best bluetooth speakers available in the market. Its low price makes it even more special.

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