Tips to Minimize Cell Phone Radiation

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In the modern society, the cell phone has been an inseparable part of our life. Without it, we may feel we are isolated from the outside. Sometimes the phone isn’t just a tool for communication, but also a bond linking us with our beloved ones, such as our family members or our dear friends.


However, everything has two sides to them. Nothing will be perfect and what we can do is reduce the disadvantages to the smallest extent. This is also the case with the use of mobile phones.

It is a kind of universal knowledge that mobile phones have great influences on the human body, and sometimes they may bring great harm to our health. Here are some tips to minimize the effects of cell phone radiation:

  1. Limit use to essential calls and keep calls short. Even a two-minute call has been found to alter the natural electrical activity of the brain for up to an hour afterwards.
  2. Children should be allowed to use the cell phone in cases of emergency only. Because of their developing skulls, the radiation can penetrate much more deeply.
  3. Wear an air tube headset (not the regular wired headset). The regular wired headset has been found to intensify radiation into the ear canal. The wire transmits not only the radiation from the cell phone but also serves as an antenna attracting EMFs (electromagnetic fields) from the surroundings.
  4. Don’t put the cell phone in your pocket or belt while in use or while it is on. The body tissue in the lower body area has good conductivity and absorbs radiation more quickly than the head. One study shows that men who wear cell phones near their groin could have their sperm count dropped by as much as 30 percent.
  5. If using the phone without a headset, wait for the call to connect before placing the phone next to the ear.
  6. Do not use the cell phone in enclosed metal spaces such as vehicles or elevators, where devices may use more power to establish connection. The metal enclosure also acts as a Faraday cage that traps the radiation and reflects it back onto the occupants.
  7. Do not make a call when the signal strength is one bar or less, which means the phone must work harder to establish a connection.
  8. Purchase a phone with a low SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). Most phones have a SAR level listed in its instruction manual. The SAR level is a way of measuring the quantity of radiofrequency (RF) energy that is absorbed by the body. The lower the number the better. (Be aware, however, that studies with RF hundreds of times lower than current SAR limits still show biological effects.)
  9. Use a scientifically validated EMF protection device. There are advanced technologies available nowadays that strengthen your bio-energy field and immune system against the effects of EMF. The EMF radiation causes a problem only when the cumulative effects due to repeated exposure weaken the body’s ability to repair itself. Even when you don’t use the cell phone, ‘second-hand’ radiation and EMFs from other devices can also cause biological stress, so these types of devices are increasingly becoming essential.
  10. Take nutritional supplements, particularly anti-oxidants SOD, catalase, glutathione, and Coq10. Microwave radiation has been shown to decrease levels of these anti-oxidants in the body. These are substances the body produces to protect itself, and their levels are sensitive indicators in stress, aging, infections and various other disease states.

This list is not exhaustive but represents different layers of intervention you can do right away to protect yourself and your family. Cell phone radiation (and wireless radiation in general) poses an extreme public health risk that may take years to become fully realized. Some experts go on to say that if estimates are correct, then we are on the verge of a health crisis that could cripple our current health infrastructure. Let’s not wait and find out if this proves true.