Smart Store: Keep Your Samples and Data Safe Forever

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SMART Solutions is a start-up company founded by four researchers at the Chem4Tech Laboratory at the University of Brescia, Italy. This start-up was started one year ago, in 2015, and the first product to be produced is called the SMART STORE, which is a revolutionary system in sample identification, classification, and storage. With SMART STORE, you can classify your samples (e.g., research and data samples) and preserve them for good.

The researchers with Chem4Tech were involved in the European Project PHIME, which stands for: Public Health Impact of long-term, low-level Mixed Element exposure in susceptible population strata. Sounds like a mouthful; however, this incredibly important research project involved 35 partners from 22 different countries and was a collaboration that eventually led to their new product.


The project PHIME’s objective was to improve the risk assessment connected with long-term exposure to toxic metals. Europeans are exposed to pollution that is near or above limits that are considered hazardous to one’s health. This means that in addition to potentially causing well-known diseases, that heavy metals may have sub-clinical effects on health and overall well-being.

Their method of analysis of air particulate was one of the main issues that inspired their product. The team designed, tested, and validated a method to identify and quantify (to assign numerical inputs for “values” in order to analyze data quantitatively) heavy metals collected on a filtering membrane. This method was based on TXRF (Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence analysis, and was very successful as demonstrated by the numerous scientific publications from prestigious journals.

SMART Solutions believes that their important find should be shared with others too, in the form of the first SMART STORE prototype. To industrialize the SMART STORE, their solution for sampling and storing samples does not need scientific know-how to be utilized. This makes SMART STORE a product that can be used by not just professional scientists, professional researchers, graduate students, or other professionals, but by those who are not as data-savvy as other researchers are.

The way to prepare a field sample, for example, for a non-destructive TXRF analysis is with the use of the SMART STORE–a claim that SMART Solution is standing by. Already trademarked, SMART STORE has different parts that are integrated in a lightweight, portable, and compact device. It has a QR Code Printer, a Packaging System, Sampling Input and Output, and a Cutting System.

Their prototype is already realizing batches of SMART STORE devices for beta customers. These researchers and founders of SMART Solutions have done their research and have created a diligently-designed and constructed product. SMART STORE is not just a device, but is itself, a complete system—there is even a SMART STORE Application that can classify samples by QR labeling and can then simultaneously create a database where this crucial data can be input and stored. The Application can be found on their website and on any Android smartphone.

This product is a game changer for scientists, researchers, and students, that make sampling and data input easier, more organized, and less prone to mistakes than ever. The Applications communicate with the SMART STORE cube by USB or Bluetooth connection!

Even more impressive is SMART STORE PLUS which is everything you have seen above, but equipped with a rechargeable battery, an integrated panel PC, and a brand new design. This stand-alone piece of equipment allows for sample preparation in the field and the classification of the samples by labeling via QR Code, with no need for electric power or internet connection! This device will automatically transfer the data to the cloud, where it is safe, and will update to your database.

To get this prototype that has proven itself effective and groundbreaking, SMART Solutions needs the funding to get their SMART STORE product out there on the market. To do so, they need your help.

You can back this project by visiting SMART Solution’s Kickstarter campaign page at:, to learn more about this product and to see it for yourself—included is a video where you can see it in action.

You can also visit for more information about the company and the researchers who founded this incredible venture.