Reasons Why Toner Cartridges From The OEM Are Preferred

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The laser printers are very expensive forms of investments .there is no doubt about their durability as long as they are properly maintained. As far as the replacement of their toner cartridges is concerned, you got just a few alternatives to be precise. These options include refilling the existing cartridge, buying a genuine toner cartridge directly from the printer’s manufacturers, or buying remanufactured cartridge. Whilst two of these options appear to give you a cheaper deal, you are not going to necessarily save your money precisely in the long run.


Quality control

The greatest benefit of purchasing those remanufactures cartridges relates to quality control during the time of manufacture. They are in fact, very easy to re-manufacture and can also be remade right in your garage at home! You are asking how? Well this information remains confidential for sake of the cartridge market and counterfeits. In case you purchase one over the internet, you definitely have no idea of what injustice you are doing to yourself.

Life is reduced

Toner Cartridges says that there exist other disadvantages of buying the remanufactured products for your printer. Normally their printing quality is substandard. Besides, if you look at the black cartridges specifically, the toners life is actually reduced by approximately 33 percent. Toner Cartridges suggests that more information could be obtained if there s an independent study carried out by the various laser printers manufacturer.

Cartridge leaks

It has also been reported that the remanufactured toner actually isn’t leak free. Most of the people who use the monochromes cartridges (the remanufactured variety) say that the toner indeed leaks into your printer.wel, if you use printers and cartridges regardless of whether you bought them from anywhere, you have adequate experience with printers. You already know (or learnt the hard way) that any leak cause a lot of damage to the machine as well as to the productivity of your company or business. The down-time that is caused by this damage actually costs your business quite a good number of hour of productivity. On top of that, about 50 percent of your print-outs cannot be useful since they are of inferior quality.

Failure is rare

If you buy the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridge from such people as Toner Cartridges Sydney or elsewhere, the case may take a turn. You are not likely to experience any of the above mentioned damage. Whilst it is true that a few faulty new cartridges may be out there in the market, the rate of failure mentioned earlier is very rare. Even though you may encounter some issues with new ones, you will be safe. This is because you will have a guarantee or warranty from the manufacturer.

Damage taken handled

Moreover, if there come a time when your printer is damaged by some contents of the cartridge, the manufacturer, will take care of the damage. On the other hand, damages caused by the remanufactured cartridges aren’t covered. In fact you are left to your own vices.