Power up Your Business Solutions with Asterisk PBX Systems

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A large leap has happened in the communication industry since the arrival of VoIP technology. Lot of companies have experienced enough the rise in the cost that is involved with long distance or international customers. The new Asterisk PBX Systems are the latest technology solutions that are based on open source PBX.

Asterisk is popularly known open sourced software that can include all the general functions of a PBX traditional system. This system supports Voice over IP SIP and also IXA along with other similar protocols. Asterisk PBX Systems supports conference calls, voice mail, voice applications but and other directory services.

Speed recognition feature can be made possible with the help of certain additional programs to the PBX systems. It is easy and simple to integrate Asterisk PBX system to the current network system.

The important advantages of using Asterisk PBX systems over traditional phone providers are gaining control over the entire phone system and save money for support as well as the equipment. With Asterisk you can have entire support for all applications related to telephones, flexible dialling plans. And the important part is that they support all major and well known network protocols that are widely used in the telecommunications world.

If you are really looking forward to have a complete control over your telephone systems especially when you are thinking for switching to a VoIP service provider then you have to surely think of PBX systems. For more information related to the different plans and details related to the Asterisk please log on to their official website
www.officepbxdubai.com/asterisk-solutions-dubai/ and get yourself started walking with the latest trends.