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While data plans are quite important for your smartphones, Globacom is certainly making news in Nigeria. The Glo Network provides you extensive and flexible data plans which suits the need and requirement of every internet user. Whether you want daily data plans, weekly data subscriptions or monthly limit plans, Glo offers you with all types of plans. If you’re out of data before validity, it gives you the luxury to enjoy extra top up for the remaining days.

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The competition between the telecommunication networks has been never fiercer than now. However, Glo world seems to be winning that competition as recent statistics show that Globacom was the only network to gain in customers while the others lost customers. MTN in particular lost over 1 million customers to Glo. This was primarily because the lower cost of both data and calls that the network implemented. Among the internet literate youths in the country 7 out 10 use Globacom because their popular BIS plan that allows you to buy 3Giga byes of Data for only N1,000. This is much different from what the others offer. Most of whom before now sold 1GB for as much N3,000.

Another major reason worth mentioning why Globacom is leading is their general attitude to customers. Just speak to a Glo Network customer care executive and ask a question about the glo data plan or bundles and he/she shall explain to you the complete process. He would not only explain with details but with all the manners and decency you deserve as a network subscriber. Several years back when MTN dominated the customer experience used to be so terrible. Subscribers just had to bear it because they were the Monopoly Boss.

However, things have changed today as we now have Airtel, Etisalat, and most recently Ntel .You can find a comprehensive review Glo Data Plan and bundles to select from for your Android, Blackberry, desktop and laptops in the web link. The tech company has continued to offer top notch service in Nigeria which includes quick, easy to access data connectivity which gives users expanded bandwidth for efficient video and voice calling amenities at highly efficient rates. The flexible data plans of the company as available as per your convenience.



The internet service provided the Glo network is available for modems as well as smart phones. You have a set of robust Glo data Plan which range from daily, weekly, monthly to flexi plans. For BB users, the company offers exceptional Blackberry plans which enhances their user experience. Thus, if you’re looking forward to enjoy the best data services in Nigeria, then nothing works better than Globacom for now. There are plans which go free during the night while there are plans which are unlimited. You certainly have no internet limitations if you’re using Go Data Plans. So, widen your internet network, and expand your usage, you truly have the best data services to use.

Choose an effective Glo Data plan as per your requirement and the company endeavors to offer you with the best. Select one now and start accessing internet at an amazing speed!

Some Excerpts on this article were taking from the signalnet website