New watch provides independence to aging loved ones

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Q Watch was recently listed on Indiegogo as one of the top tech innovations for aging babay boomers to help them stay independent. Q Watch is a smartwatch that has many features that might just lack in your favorite smartwatch model. The watch is meant to provide independence to the senior people who might rely on other people to do simple things. The watch has menus and icons just like your normal smartphone only that it is wearable.

Here are some of the notable features that come with the Q Watch:

-Easy to use

Navigation around the watch features is easy as compared to any other smartwatch you have used. The watch is still voice activated to do some of the things for you. The accuracy of the voice assistant is high all thanks to the best programming of the watch. In cases of emergencies, all the medical records are programmed into the watch. The paramedics will have an easy time administering the right medication to save the patient.

-Connect easily to other people

The watch comes with cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS and many other connectivity features of a smartphone. These features help the wearer to connect to family, the emergency responders and just friends. Turning on GPS should not be a hard thing even for people who know less about technology.

Q Watch-All-in-One Device for the seniors

You will no longer have to rely so much on other people in your senior years with such a device around. The Q Watch seeks to protect and assure independence for the senior people. The watch is still fashionable and stylish to ensure that people wearing it feeling great about doing it. The Q Watch resembles most of the high-tech wearables on the market today.


– You get a medication reminder to keep on the dosage with this watch

– The FIND HOME GPS helps the wearers to get back home just in case they are lost

– A voice operated flashlight will make the watch illuminate those dark places around the house

– Fall and seizure detector should help keep the wearer alert about the condition and seek medical attention

– It has important phone features all rolled up into a small watch package that is easier to use than the complex smartphones


– The watch is relatively new in the field of smartwatches; a lot of fine-tuning is needed to make the Q Watch better.


The Q Watch is not just for you to use in the senior years, you can still get it even at a younger age. The watch has all the smart features that any smartwatch should have and the other features that make it unique. The watch is in its early production stages, but it still shows a lot of promise with the features and functionality it has to offer. Get one for your loved one today by supporting their Indiegogo crowdfunding project at:

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