Modern Warfare 3 Guide

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Call of duty is one of the top selling and top performing FPS franchise in the computer gaming and video gaming world. It has become popular worldwide and has made the history and has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. Modern warfare 3 guide or simply mw3 guide is a guide for Xbox 360. It includes all the weapon info with brilliant campaign, mw3 walkthrough and much more that helps in playing the game more effectively with PlayStation 3 and PC.

After the call of duty: Modern Warfare 2 which has received tremendous popularity few years back, it’s now time to get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It has been estimated that it can take the franchise of mw3 guide to newer heights.

In MW2 the game is based on the Russian Federation who invaded the United States of America. It was the single player story and as gained wide popularity. Now in MW3, the Russian Federation has supposed to invade the wider areas. Their campaign mode includes missions like in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

One of the best parts of the game is that it offers very advanced multiplayer option. Besides this it also has many new features and various improvements. According to oceanofgames gaming website, if you are Call of Duty enthusiasts you will love the best modern warfare 3 guide. You cannot afford to miss it out as it’s very helpful. Modern warfare 3 guide will be having the best unique point streak reward system and a new weapon progression system that helps the players greatly. The multiplayer game modes that is also freshly included in this guide together with 16 maps.

This guide will also include two Co-Op game modes, 40 weapons, and an enhanced game engine that is efficient to run at over 60 frames-per-second. The game is brilliantly developed for the first person shooters. For the gaming enthusiasts it is interesting to note that this guide offers best stunning visuals that you will just love. The game engine developed for MW3 offers stunning visuals with animated characters at a thrilling 60 fps. MW3 guide also offers integration with Call of Duty: Elite. Also one can easily keep all records and stats through social networking via Facebook.

This brilliant video game was developed by Infinity Ward / Sledgehammer Games. And the best feature of this game is its multiplayer gaming option. The game will be sold on the platforms such with PC/Windows, PS3 as well as Xbox 360. The game is ranked best for the players of age 18 years and older.

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