Make Use of Instagram for your Direct Sale Business

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Optimization of Instagram channel for sales is rewarding. Marketing on Instagram adds traffic to your side and enhances your view monthly. Yes, Insta is truly that powerful. Check out some of the tips that will help you sell on Instagram.


  • Tell People What is to Be Done

This is the best way to grow your business by telling your audience what you want them to do. It is important to show your audience that you want to help them and then you tell them how and where to get that help. Audience will love your “to the point” tactic. Enticing your audience is important, but it begins with using the right images and calls to action on your profile.

  • Acknowledge the preference of your Audience

Pictures that appeal to the preference of the customer is of great importance when you want you monetize your business on Instagram! Searching, targeting and being relevant to the people is important. Once you post, don’t forget to check the Instagram feed and the popular posts related. Do read the shares, comments and likes. This will help you know your audience.

  • Check out the Profitable Locations

For direct sales, the monetization options on Instagram are limited. So, the affiliate situation calls for a better call to action to find a more profitable location. But, you should post your affiliate link here, go for a freebie instead. The major aim is to lead audience to the matter. The major objective of profit location is to take the audience of Instagram and convert them to leads. Once you achieve this, you can shift from profit location to sales option.

  • Give info, Offer Variety and Repeat

Once the audience has reached the profit location, then you carry all the leads who were looking for freebie and convert them into a sale. There are three different stages fir that:

Commence with giving info: A lead looking for a freebie will not value your product till he gets the complete info about it. The right info will build his trust.

Add variety: A basic of turning the lead into sale is to design a several stage follow-up sequence. Choose a marketing strategy which includes email marketing, subsidies and propaganda. Variety incorporates invites to webinars and hosting of other live events.

Repeat: Human mind needs to listen to same message for about 12 times to finally get struck by it. Do not think that your Before and After image will help you sell on Instagram. Instagram just leads the prospective to saleable environment.

  • Analyze and Optimize

Lastly, analysation and optimization should contribute largely in your Instagram planning. You have basically two techniques for this- Qualitative and Non-qualitative

Quantitative is where one can gauge relation with image and post and calculate the interaction status of each post and eventually show you the income potential, when the clicks convert to lead. The basic aim is to design efficient Instagram campaigns. The more options which you can include are:

  • Time and day of the posting
  • Type of the content- picture and video
  • Ratio of the links to lead received

Qualitative is basically judging your marketing aspects. It is not calculated in numbers. It describes the aesthetics of the business. It is about thinking how well are you serving your leads to convert them to a sale? Are you really offering the right value to your targeted audience? It is important to keep a note of your qualitative measurements.

Believe me, people truly recognize the difference between a sales company and a person who offers with value. The right way to sell on Instagram is to be a pioneer in your qualitative analysis.

Take full time to represent yourself as the pioneer of your field and in the long run, you will generate higher revenues. And, in the end, you have 5 essential guidelines to sell on Instagram

  • Acknowledge people about what’s to be done
  • Recognize the preference of your audience
  • Know the profit location
  • Give info, variety and repetition to your audience
  • In the end, analyze and optimize

If you follow these steps wisely, then there is no way, you cannot generate your sale on Instagram in a short period of time.