Mactro: SMS broadcaster to pass on emergency alerts to mobile

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Technology has changed the lives of people that every age person today is more addicted to mobile devices, carrying it all the time as the best means of communication, entertainment, browsing and for daily news.

As this is not enough related to the services of the mobile device, you have an emergency portable messaging device in the form of Mactro designed for the military and government use mainly during the crisis.


Exactly, Mactro is powered by next advanced generation RF computer hardware and a multifaceted software algorithm. Not only this, it is unique equipment that has the skill to digitally obtain the individuality of the surrounding mobile phones within its radius.

It can directly broadcast SMS alert and advertisement message through the help of a normal network provider. Interestingly, Mactro is a product of wide-ranging engineering and years of hard work of R&D.


  • Designed for calamity, disaster, general alert and emergency messaging
  • Proves as an effective solution for a local based advertising and achieve a good lead in the targeting market as a right marketing campaign for events and venues.
  • No need to insert any SIM or get connected to the internet as the machine functions independently.
  • Designed to function in all the cell sites where there is no chance for the network to reach normally.
  • Helps to send text messages to unlimited people without any cost.
  • Mactro effectively fits to more than 90% of devices, no matter what the model, brand or the network service is.
  • Gives multiple signaling which enters 3G, UMTS, LTE and GSM enabled devices.
  • Distributed binary content and text messages to handsets within seconds.
  • A portable, user friendly and standalone product

Feel safe and secure with this Mactro device specially planned and built for multiple ARFCN transmit and Military specification.

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