Control and Monitor Your Devices Even When You’re Away From Home with Koogeek Wi-Fi Smart Plug

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What could be better to manage home appliances and devices, even when you are not at home??? Well, with Koogeek Smart Plug, you get the benefit to control, monitor and time your connected gadgets even when you’re out of home by the help of Siri voice commands and timers. The home kit technique just works with Apple devices and is a perfect plan to give your home a technology makeover. It was showcased at the WWDC 2016 session.

HomeKit is certainly the innovative idea for smart appliances which communicates and controls products like blinds, plugs, speakers as well as detectors through your iPhone, iPad or Siri command. With amazingly advanced framework, users can interact smoothly with the accessories of their home in their day to day life.


And speaking about its functions, believe it or not, it can draft house scenes, because of ultra-advance design. With its preset function, the user just has to make a request about a specific scene and it will be created with the graphic design software. Whether you’re looking for a modern home style or Victorian home style, you can select any and get your house into action.

The Homekit Wi-Fi setup allows you to stay connected to the devices. Users can easily monitor and control the Koogeek HomeKit plug from anywhere, at any time by means of the intuitive and user-friendly interface of the iPhone or iPad screen. Switch on and off all the HomeKit electronics by means of a screen with this amazing device. You can even customize the time setting and with just few clicks, home schedules are performed. And yes, it is as easy as it sounds like.

So, go for this hi-tech and Order Now TOMTOP ® site, future world smart plug for your house and give your electric appliances an innovative feel. You will love it for all the reasons!

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