How to Easily Take Screenshot in Your iPhone?

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Taking screenshot in iPhone is not at all a difficult task. A screenshot gives you a large PNG version of particular display on your phone and you can simply share the image with your friends by text, email or through social network platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. You can send the screenshot to tech support for thorough analysis or make use of it for how-to-guide.

The simple way to easily take screenshot in your iphone: Press the home and lock buttons at a time and you will get a screenshot. Here we give you other alternative ways to take screenshot on iPhone.

Using physical buttons for screenshot

First of all, you have to find the home and lock button on your device. You may know where these buttons are, because they are the only physical buttons in a smartphone. If you don’t find, don’t worry. Home button has circular shape and placed on the face of the device, just below the screen. Most smart phones have the home button on the same place. Next one is the lock button, which is also called as sleep/wake button. It is placed on the right hand side of the device, if you are using at least iPhone 6 version. Otherwise, you will find it on the top of the device.

Taking the screenshot

When you have an image displayed on the screen and you want to capture for further analysis, press and hold the home button and subsequently press the sleep button. The display will then shortly flash white, which indicates that the screen is captured rightly. A faint shutter sound will be produced if your device is not in silent mode.

Share the screenshot

iPhone will automatically save the captured images within the camera roll or so-called Photos app. Tap the multicolored sunflower icon and scroll for the latest screenshots. Press the thumbnail to enlarge particular images or press the box in the lower-left corner to access options for sharing the image via email, text, Twitter, Facebook and other means.

Hopefully above tips will help you in taking screenshot in your iPhone. For computer users, you can also take a screenshot on pc easily with this method.