Electronic Fuel Gauge For Hydration Pack

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Hydration is an extremely important things when an individual is very active in hikes, bike riding, jogging, and other things in this category. When participating in these certain activities it is important to remember to stay hydrated properly so that you have the energy and strength to continue.

This is the reason why I found the Hydrate Mate very beneficial to me during my excursions. There are moments when I get so caught up in the sport that I do forget to keep enough water in my system to remain hydrated, so I am incredibly relieved that this award winning gadget is available for my use when I need it the most. Even though it is not a wearable item, I can plug it into my hydration bladder.

Hydrate mate

It is convenient for me to use because it is the only fuel monitor gauge in the world that can find out just how much liquid that I am consuming into my system and it can also find out how much essential liquid is left. After the gauge finds out exactly what it needs to know, the finished date will then be sent over to my smartphone app, with the help of Bluetooth, which will then inform me of all the information and data that I need to know. It will also inform me of how much more liquid that I am needing to fill my hydration pack.

It is so beneficial and interesting to know all of the important details about the water needed in my body, and it’s like I am actually reading on an electronic fuel gauge. Another extremely beneficial aspect is that the battery life of this device, even if used continuously, can last up to 3,888 hours.

Therefore, that means if I was to use this pack twelve hours a day every single day, that the battery would last for me up to six years, which is incredible, and I am able to monitor the life of my battery through the app. Since I won’t actually be using it for twelve hours a day, the life of the battery is going to last be a very long time. It also goes into a hibernation mode so, when I’m not using it, I won’t be draining any of the battery life.

Now, with Hydrate Mate, I can participate in all of the sports and outdoor excursions that I love without having to try and remember to stay hydrate, how much hydration my body is requiring, and where my hydration level is at in my body. If any individuals, who are much like myself in activity, purchase this device then they will definitely not be disappointed in it. It has made everything in my activities so much easier to function in.

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