Know about the Location of your Loved Ones in Real-Time with Funa

What could be the easiest way to know about the whereabouts of your loved ones without even disturbing them? People often look out for means that can help them stay connected with the dear ones without interrupting in their lives.

Well, if you’ve been looking for such means, then Funa is the perfect app for you. The GPS tracker app helps you to locate your friend and family members in real time. Thus, you have the perfect peace of mind knowing that your dear ones are safe, no matter where they are.

The app is available for Apple as well as Android users. You have just download the app, send invites to your friends and family members. Accept the invites that you receive and you’re connected to them for the rest of the time. Rather than receiving annoyed messages like “Where are you”? You can just inform your location to your family members with Funa.

With this GPS tracker app, you get the freedom to receive or send SOS alert whenever you or your family members are in any kind of trouble. If your family member has left a location, you get a notification, if they have reached a location, you will receive a notification. And, you have more… you can get a track location history of the past 7 days of your family members and friends.

Thus, if you wish to keep the security of your loved ones as your top most priority, then Funa could serve your purpose well.

Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones Always with Family Locator App

Safety is one of the biggest worries when it comes to your family and loved ones. Half of the time most parents get tensed thinking about their kids and their whereabouts. Reassurance is more needed if your child is a grown up and commutes on their own.

It is common that most parents keep calling them very often especially if they are spending a night out with their friends. But there is a solution to reduce the worry of the parents and to avoid all the chaos. There are several kinds of family locator app’s available that can be installed on your phones.


These family locator apps help the families to stay connected with their dear and near ones, especially kids anywhere and anytime. The best trackers in the market will also help to track the history of the members at least for a week.

It also gives a glance and complete details of the location of your dear ones in just a glance. These kinds of locators also will give intimation if any one of the family members reaches or leaves a particular location. It also sends SOS alerts when any one of the members needs any help and at any time.

Through these trackers each and every member of the family will be always connected without being together in one location. Safe and sound that is what apps like Funa app provide for its customers or clients. Travel hassle free and be relaxed having Funa app in your mobile phones.

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MyMappApp – The GPS Map You Can Depend On

All of us who use GPS know that it is not perfect. GPS does not tell you about the roads that you cannot go with your car. Sometimes, it even tells you about wrong roads. There are instances when GPS has diverted cars to the cliff of a mountain.

The problem is that your GPS system does not tell you about many of the things that you have to see when you’re following its directions. It may not tell you about the place. it may not tell you about the current traffic jam. Or it may tell you about a road that your car may not have access to.

This is exactly what MyMappApp tries to solve, as it helps improve the search navigation experience for you. There are newer ways of making your searching and navigation experience faster and better. The app promises to tell you about all the missing things in your GPS route, that you didn’t know before.


User Customized Results

You might even get user specific results, depending on your specific needs. So, you have on the go filters to provide the best experience. The routes are also updated according to the time of the day you are traveling in. So, if you are traveling in the evening, you might get a different route than what you traveled by in morning.

The app can also suggest you petrol pumps and restaurants, by ‘seeing’ the highway signs on its own, ensuring that you get what you want, even when you’re traveling.

How much can you pledge?

The app has already raised more than $1,000. You can pledge as less as $1. If you can pitch in with $25, you can download the app for free. You also do not have to wait for the app to launch on the app store, you can download the app prototype version. The company expects it to be available in around four months after the final round of funding.

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Digitalizing Your Household Finances with Apps

Money can make both the world and your head spin. Some people are more adept at handling green that the other, but they can all use a helping hand in the digital form. Budgeting and personal finance app market allows you to perform a plethora of tasks with a few taps of your thumb. Latest devices and services make your life immensely easier by automating and simplifying the ordeal of budgeting.


The numbers game

Whether you want to save more money or get out of debt, digitalizing is the way to go. Applications can cost you a few bucks, but it is best to think beyond that, and grasp the bigger picture. The main purpose is to live within your means and earn more money than you spend. Instead of doing the tedious math yourself, now you have a myriad of killer apps at your disposal that do the heavy lifting for you.

So, let us start with the HomeBudget, an excellent piece of software that lets users manually enter expenses in order to synchronize the budget in the cloud. This makes the data available across multiple devices, empowering the whole family to make a positive change and monitor the expenditures.

Services like Wally, on the other hand, record your income and project your monthly savings. Appealing design and intuitive interface are a treat, meaning that even beginners will easily navigate the functionalities. Furthermore, to stay on the safe side, you can use a program like BillGuard that alert you whenever an unauthorized transaction occurs.

Some general finance apps also enable users to get a hold of the budget. Mint is one of the most popular solutions: It serves as a general overview of where your money stands. Namely, one may access the net worth at the end of the each month and balance the various accounts.

Keeping the balance

Those who want to get into a more thorough analysis of the balances and spending should give Digit a try. The best thing about this app is that, after conducting the analysis, its algorithm moves a small amount of money from your bank account to the savings fund. That way, you will never fail to set the funds aside.

However, you may also require an app that helps in fulfilling your financial obligations more efficiently. The good news is that today, you can pay your rent online and win benefits with versatile apps such as Rental Rewards. Also, the surge of online shopping has brought forth swell services in the league of Ebates.

They are great go-to sites that allow people to save a considerable amount of money over the long haul. So, always bear in mind that you can use various apps in synergy to improve your financial health. Stay on top of your spending, and ensure that your family is on the same (digital) page.

Tidying up

In the information age, the software does its magic with the minimal human intervention involved. Thus, letting your budget migrate to the digital world will get your financial house in order. The process of creating a detailed budget runs like clockwork, and once you get the ball rolling, you may turn to advanced apps for making informed investment decisions and diversifying your sources of income.