How Can Content Delivery Network Accelerate Your Business Website?

Today, we have a busy and pressurized business environment, which demands right solutions being implemented in the right time at the right place. Of the many important elements, having a fully-functional website is the most important aspect in order to satisfy customers’ expectations without downtime in performance and availability.

This is for what Content Delivery Network (CDN) has been developed. It cuts down many future headaches and disappointments and delivers requested information from the edge server to the customers’ location. It has been made using many networks of servers, so you can enjoy resource scaling and keep your website away from vulnerabilities.

Here we list out the features and advantages of CDN and how it can help accelerate your business website.

Extremely fast website

It is the efficiency for what you should go for a content delivery network. It increases your website’s speed and cuts down the packet loss. If you have this wonderful solution, you can have peace of mind knowing that your website is having ultra-fast speed. Since the solution is developed with multiple network servers, you are enabled to handle a big influx of the website traffic.

Great protection against traffic surges

Sometimes you have less computing ability to deal with the surge in your website traffic. This is where CDN comes at your rescue. It will deal with traffic spikes without compromising on the speed and quality of your business performance. This is possible because of the multiple network servers, which enables easy scaling of computing resources based on the traffic movement.

Data Caching

Caching is the major reason of lowering down server resource and bandwidth usage. A cheap CDN provider will have good experience of how to implement the needed process in an effective manner. Caching is the most important element to accelerate the business website’s performance.

Protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack

DDoS attack has the potential to destroy the entire functioning of a business. Many businesses have encountered this attack and lots of them face losses in terms of credibility, income and performance. Many have even faced shutdown of their business. This kind of attack can reduce your website speed for several hours.

A content delivery network can help combat the situation. With many security layers, a CDN filters the client requests before allowing the request to reach the network. Hence, it keeps your website away from nasty occurrences. Many CDNs are equipped with a technology that asks every client to enter CAPTCHA before allowing them to visit the website.

Constant accessibility

You may have faced situations like you want to access a file but you can’t because of the downtime. If the website hosing vendor has any kind of issues, your business will also be affected by the same. It is not practical to change the host provider in a minute or a day. It involves many procedures and demands thorough analysis.

The only thing you can do is to wait for your host provider to fix the issue. Fortunately, a CDN can cut off these annoying issues. It catches common web pages, hence if your web hosting provider faces network issues, the cached data will be provided to the users. This allows a business website to stay alive for their users even if the host provider’s server crashes.

These are the major features and benefits of a content delivery network. You are advised to have a CDN for your business website to accelerate your business performance. Look for a reliable and proficient host provider because there are a lot of providers and chances for choosing a scam provider is high. Take a deep analysis of the vendor’s profile, work culture, price, clients and many other aspects before signing up for the contract.


If you are worried about your business website’s performance and latency, sign up for a reliable and cheap CDN provider. It will prove a bountiful bet. You will witness accelerated speed, credibility, performance and less latency issues. Money should not be a factor forcing you back from choosing a host provider because there are many free plans and cheap providers available in the market. You simply choose the plan to ensure efficacy and other security elements.

Look for the leading CDN provider that can offer a range of data centers, cloud hosting and email hosting services to your business website. With state-of-the-art data centers and industry-leading technologies, a cheap CDN provider can help your business to grow at a rapid speed without allowing any obstacles to enter in your business way.

Checking The Website Worth Before Buying Or Selling A Website

Websites that have earned a reputable position for itself with top search engines like Google, Yahoo and other are now in demand among the marketers and entrepreneurs who want to build their online business. These websites are being corroborated by the higher indexing it is drawing to itself and marketers swarming to put their ads on these websites.


Buying such websites can always be a big business for anyone. The name selection for the domain should be done with same conscientiousness since it affects the ultra-quick indexing capability.

The name should have precise and logical relevance to the product /service offered for. Keywords are wrestling for subsistence with the common, uncouth ones fading away fast and the unique ones emerging victorious in managing prolonged search engine indexing.

Checking the website worth online, before buying or selling is therefore a must needed thing for anyone who want to get the success with the websites in long run. Buyers who are aiming to get the most profitable websites for expanding their business can get the help of sites like that help in knowing the website worth of any online business. Getting the idea can help you deal with the seller most profitably.

On the other hand if you want to sell your website for greater profits you can check its worth before dealing, so that you can get a real idea of your web real estate. This way you can get extra profits when you sell them at a preferred rates.

ShimmerCat: For Every Performance Conscious Web Developer!

ShimmerCat is a tool designed for all those web developers who focus on performance. It was designed so that all web developers can use it to develop modern and secure websites very quickly. It helps you build an efficient website while saving a lot of your time. Basically, ShimmerCat is a tool that makes the entire web development process simpler and cost-effective for everyone.


Unlike the other usual web servers, ShimmerCat drastically lowers the amount of time and effort it takes to develop a web application, which takes just a fraction of the usual time to load. It is very simple to use and can be accessed by all.

This new tool was designed with the aim to meet the needs of smaller developers who are unable to afford good technical expertise that are required for specific solutions. ShimmerCat favors HTTP/2, which is HTTP protocol’s new version.

This new protocol version overcomes some major flaws of its previous version and serves best for organizations that do not possess lots of resources. HTTP/2 offers greater performance and better security at a lesser cost.

So ShimmerCat basically aims at enhancing the web development as well as website loading speeds because it values human time and is technologically very sound. It helps you create a website that is fast-loading, incorporates great contents and one that gives you more than a thousand hits per hour. A lot more features will be added to this tool in the coming days for the benefit of all.

Secure Your Online Privacy by VPN

The internet is becoming an essential resource to collect data and latest information around the globe. You need to post messages, photos and updates on social media. The internet has made your life easy because you can shop via the internet without going out. You can get public Wi-Fi facilities to connect to the internet while you are away from home.

It is true that the internet has made everything really easy for you, but you need to be extra careful of your personal information. Your carelessness can increase the risk of theft and invasion of your privacy.


Keep it in mind that you have to protect your information while browsing the internet. Whenever you sign in to your email account, visit a website or post an update on the Facebook, you leave your digital footprints. These can be tracked to check your identity and other details.

If you are using a public Wi-Fi, then there is an increasing risk of hacking activities and cyber crimes. The hackers try to steal your personal details and you will not be able to protect your credit card and account passwords. It is not good to use a public connection to Wi-Fi because these connections are unsecured.

There are lots of people who can access your details, including your ISP (Internet Service Provider), advertisers, your boss, hackers and cyber criminals and the government. If you want to secure your online privacy, you can خرید وی پی ان online.

Benefits of a Personal VPN (Virtual Private Network)

An antivirus program can protect your computer in a better way, but it is not good for the protection of your browsing session and internet use. A VPN is ideal to use with an antivirus program because it can complement the functions of the antivirus program. The VPN technology helps you to hide your IP address by replacing it with the IP address provided by VPN servers.

The website you may visit will only see the IP address provided by VPN servers. It will help you to remain online anonymously and protect your browsing activities. With the help of VPN, no one will be able to trace your IP address and private information. The VPN is important to protect your privacy and prevent the activities of hackers and snoopers from stealing your details.

VPN Is Essential for Protection

The VPN is essential for protection and it is particularly good for travelers to use. It can protect your web sessions and it may help you to bypass the firewalls and filters to unblock any website. You can get unrestricted access to your favorite content. It is perfect to access popular services like YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, Skype, Pandora, Hulu, etc.

The VPN is very easy to use and you can get the benefits of reliable privacy protection. This application is good for all your computers and mobile devices. It is a reliable way to get ultimate protection from outside threats and activities of hackers. In its presence, you can confidently browse your personal details and bank accounts.