How to Convert MySQL to PostgreSQL?

Why You Should Migrate to PostgreSQL?

MySQL and PostgreSQL are equally popular open-source RDBMS because of their powerful administration and development features. The two systems are ported almost on all popular OS and they have huge number of experts. However, PostgreSQL provides additional advantages for certain projects:

  • Complete compliance with ANSI SQL standard
  • It supports multiple indexing models
  • It also supports both synchronous and asynchronous replications
  • It supports CTE – Common Table Expressions
  • It also supports full outer joins
  • Unlike MySQL platform, PostgresSQL is compatible with arrays

On the other side, PostgreSQL is much more complex if you compare with MySQL and it can become pretty tough for beginners. If you are working on simple projects that can be handled by MySQL there is no point in migrating Postgres, unless you plan to upgrade it.

Migration Methods

These are the steps you should follow in order to migrate your database from MySQL to PostgresSQL – manually.

1. Every table definitions should be extracted from a source database as DDL SQL statements. This is the way to do it:

phpMyAdmin: highlight a table, select ‘Export’ tab, select ‘Custom’, now set the format to ‘SQL’. Remember to pick the radio-button ‘Structure’.

MySQL console client: simply use the statement

mysqldump -d -h (host) -u (user) -p (password) (databasename) > (dumpifle)

Note this: Each pattern in the round brackets should be replaced by actual values.

2. Convert every DDL statements into PostgreSQL format and then upload to the database destination. However, there is a challenging step in this method. You must properly convert column types from MySQL to PostgresSQL. You can get more details about types conversion at

3. Export data from every MySQL table into CSV file format. This can be done as like this:

phpMyAdmin: highlight data table, select ‘Export’, select ‘Custom’, set the format to CSV. After that don’t forget to select radio-button ‘Data’

MySQL console client:  simply use the statement

SELECT * INTO OUTFILE (‘table.csv’)



Note this: Replace every pattern in round brackets with actual values

4. Now, data you exported to CSV format should be converted into PostgreSQL format (if only required). After that load to the destination database

5. Now to the final step. Views, stored procedures and triggers should be extracted from MySQL database in the form of SQL statements and as source code. This can be done both on phpMyAdmin and MySQL console client by using the following SQL-statements:


SELECT table_name, view_definition FROM information_schema.views

WHERE table_schema='(your database name)’

stored procedures

SHOW PROCEDURE STATUS WHERE Db = ‘your database name’



6. Now the resulting statements and the source codes are converted into a PostgreSQL format and loaded to the target database.

Please note that the steps for migration of database from MySQL to PostgresSQL can be complicated and overwhelming. A human error is very common when it’s done manually and this could result in data loss or file corruption. The best practice is to use good software that can automate database conversion process. You can check out MySQL to Postgres conversion tool created by Intelligent Converters. This tool has all the features to handle migration of large and complex databases.

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Cloud Server: Why It Is The Best Answer For Your Organization?

Servers assume extremely huge part to deal with the system assets. A few servers are modified to perform a solitary errand while a few servers can perform different undertakings too. Numerous individuals believe that cloud server is very surprising from other server; they are incorrect on the grounds that Cloud server works likes different servers however there are couple of contrasts.

Cloud is kind of a product and it is not relied on upon other software’s. The reason that why Cloud server is not quite the same as other server is that it is a facilitated server and it is conveyed by a distributed computing framework on the web.

Cloud servers are fundamentally the same to customary servers yet Cloud servers are worked by a cloud server supplier.

A Cloud server is otherwise called Virtual server. Cloud Servers are often favored when contrasted with different servers and in case if you want to archive your file server to cloud you have taken a wise decision. MLtek Archive Manager helps you know more about how and why this is good for you.

In Cloud server we are permitted to tweak any adjustments in the server programming as indicated by our decision however in the conventional servers we are not permitted to change anything just a supplier or organization has a privilege to alter it.

Security is the main need before utilizing any server so cloud server is all that much secure and it will never hurt your framework and if the server is over-burden then there will be no issue since Cloud disjoins has the ability to balance out them. In there is any equipment issue in your framework then Cloud servers are not influenced by the issue.

Cloud servers are all that much quick, solid and secured when contrasted with different disjoins in the business sector. Cloud servers are all that much moderate for anybody when contrasted with different separates which are all that much costly and they have low quality and they make your work twofold and troublesome so Cloud servers are very prescribed for your work.