Benefits of Guest Blogging and Article Directories for Article Marketing

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However article marketing through article directories and guest blogging is a thing that cannot help you to get paid blogging, but you always have better chance to get more opportunities and better profits in long run. This can boost up your marketing campaign and can help you get very good results in no time at all.

But it is often discussed that which one is good for you. And to say truth both of them has their own pros and cons. Guest blogging breathed a fresh lease of life in professionals aspiring to have dedicated audience partake their knowledge, but have been rendered despondent through declining efficacy of article directories in building an enviable reputation.


Marketing groups and individuals alike have tasted the lucrative benefits they can reap from publishing blogs. The range of benefits is not widely alienable from those offered by article directories, but blogging being novel has rose to a position of prominence among people who are glued to a particular niche.

According to Internet marketing specialist the freshness of concept and the novelty of laying out content will keep it away from the problems experienced by directories. The guest blogger can expect assuredly to backlink that leads to his site through his quality comments.

However the advent of spammers who deviously maneuver the track backs and ping backs have laid the foundation for more serious problems in near future. Plagiarism that has hit out at article directories has come to haunt blogs too with scraper sites making possible the duplication of blogs within moments of the original blog surfacing. This may cast gloominess on the aspirations of guest bloggers whose content may go unnoticed.

To conclude, article directories should be treated as a platform to launch one’s online writing career and not as an eventual destination. The directories still hold potential advantage for promotion of links like blogs. Both, guest blogging and article directories should be gainfully deployed to attain an ultimate goal and should not be viewed as adversaries.