Benefits of a Hosted PBX System

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One of the best spin offs of business technology is the Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange). Small and medium sized businesses can benefit from a hosted voip pbx without investing on a telephone equipment but get a sophisticated telephone system. The entire telephone system is managed by the VOIP (Voice over IP) provider.

Hosted PBX SystemThrough a hosted voip pbx system, employees can work from anywhere still being connected to the office telephone system. Like any other telephone systems, it can transfer callers, put callers on hold, set conference calls up and also have the phone answered by an automated attendant through which callers can be directed to any other department. It has facilitated increased productivity to businesses with reduced resources.

Some of the benefits of a hosted PBX is there is an initial cost savings as you need not buy a new telephone system. Your provider can handle the hosted PBX system. Hosted PBX is more cost effective than traditional PBX giving the benefit of capital outlay. Another advantage is the geographical flexibility a hosted PBX gives to employees operating from different locations. You can create local virtual numbers in cities you do not reside in and hence get the flexibility of building your virtual office in any place you want.

It gives credibility to small businesses by sounding like a professional telephone for them. There is no bar to the expansion of virtual systems unlike conventional systems. Setting up a hosted voip pbx system is easy and faster compared to the old telephone systems. It is very user friendly system. Anyone can manage, change and monitor the service as per their needs without any special skills. It has a dynamic bandwidth as it can give priority to voice or to network.

Complete VOIP and data communication system is hosted on a cloud-based, single communication platform. It provides high speed internet and the benefits of a business phone system with very low maintenance. It offers your business a combination of internet, voice and networking services. You can use the telephony system for voice mails, faxing, touchtone menus, automated greetings, conference calls, call logs and auditing.