Firstdub – The Online Music Library for Royalty Free Music

Firstdub is an online music platform for musicians and artists to promote and sell music to fans, film-makers, songwriters, app developers and vocalists, both from Firstdub website and anywhere online with a personalized music player.

For music buyers, Firstdub offers a large and diverse library of copyrighted and royalty free music from across music genres.

Artist on Firstdub create a profile page featuring their biography, social media links, a comment section and a music store for music buyers to listen and buy their music.

Firstdub music stores are compatible on both iOS and android and can be embedded or shared on social media and other websites.

Other features on Firstdub include artist keeping all of their copyrights, setting their own sale prices and getting paid instantly on every sale.

With the ability to share artist pages and individual music files on Facebook and Twitter, Firstdub is a great opportunity for artist to expand their audience, share their music online and generate an income from their music.

For music buyers, whatever their needs, Firstdub offers ‘Music for all Media’.

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3D Printers: Growing Popularity and Trend

3D printing and printers are nothing new or wired today. It is presently becoming a trend and necessity for many.

Gone are the time when these 3D printers used to be heavy machines that were just used by bigger companies or organizations. But today these are available as a light compact and portable machines which can be used easily by anyone.

Engineers, designers, schools, etc. are making use of these awesome devices for accomplishing their day to day tasks. These are also used by hobbyists and even consumers as a way to learn something entertaining.

Although 3D printers are available easily it is important for you to learn details about its working and how it differs from a normal printer. As it comes in variety of sizes, design and styles you need to check carefully about all the details about it before you buy one for all your printing needs.

Finding a good 3D Printer which is optimized for all your particular printing needs can be tough. But not anymore, as printers such as Rabbit Printer are now available for you which can be a life savior for you.

One of the most significant reasons why Rabbit Printers are considered superior than any other, is its rigid skeleton.

The vibrations generated during the printing is one of the most troublesome things experienced when using a 3D printers. But with Rabbit printer you can easily print at high speed without worrying about the vibrations caused.

This is made possible by the high tech design and functionality implemented in the printer by SourceRabbit’s engineers. The designers of this printer actually used a smart combination of steel and aluminium to the Rabbit Printer’s skeleton which provides all the necessary strength to the device without actually increasing its weight.

Overall, Rabbit Printer can be a best one to opt if you are looking for a best performing 3D printers online. Just go for it and you will love using it.

Mac Data Recovery Software: Your Ideal Companion

Mac books are really powerful devices and it’s like a proud feeling using them. It comes with robust reliable operating system which helps you to be more productive while at work. However every machine may experience some technical issues at times and need expertise dealing. Data loss is one such issue which you may face.

To your knowledge Mac data recovery process is a time consuming method during which the whole hard drive is scanned by the software to retrieve the lost data. After the completion of the act, all the important data is restored on your system without any loss of a single file in any of the situation.

If you have lost your presentation, emails, videos, images, contacts, or any important files, then Mac data recovery software can work well for you.

The main reason to introduce the software is due to the increasing popularity of the advanced gadgets and the problems the people in general face with it by losing the data and document with accidental delete or any other ignorance.

All you need is to follow a simple process to recover the lost data and information. Also you need to check for the chance to recover the deleted files. For example, if they are lost due to device damage, virus, corrupted files or programs or any other issues, then using this software program is the best to handle the situation as it help you get back to work normally without any tension.

Overall the software you want to use need to possess an intuitive interface which means it to be simple and friendly in use and packed with rich features. So, if you are in search of the best Mac data recovery software equipped with best features, then you can find it on This is completely compatible to your advanced gadget and will prove helpful all the time as a wonderful program.

DYU Bike: The New Era Of Electric Bike At Your Service

Things have changed and technology has vast improved more than what you can ever imagine. The technological changes are getting the most of modern world and you can see that in every new invention, entering the market.

One such option has to be Smart bike or the electric bike. It is small in size, light in weight thus making it easy to carry, and can help you reach your destination fast and right on time.

This latest DYU bike is the ultimate definition of style and necessity, combined into a complete pack. This product is known for its stylish appearance, mixed well with back and front light. Not only that, it has gained reputation for its function of consistent speed cruising.

Other than that, as mentioned already, the item is safe, light in weight and practical for common use.

Exciting Features

This might be your first time when you are trying to use an electronic based bike and the experience is amazing. There are certain basic and advanced features allotted, which makes bike such a hefty option to consider. But first, it’s time to start with the basic features, which makes this DYU the best option among the other lot.

  • First of all, let’s just say that the bike is really light in weight. It is just 12 kg, making it easy to carry by anyone.
  • It comprises of a smart app, which will help you to keep a track of the mileage, miles covered and what not!
  • The product is designed with induction headlamps, making it all the more important during dark rides.
  • It is proven to offer riders with long mileage. So, if you want to take this bike for a long journey, you are most welcome to do so, without any worry.
  • The bike comes with charging protection value, which is another point for you to note down.

Another interesting thing about this best ebike online is it comes with a folding option. The bike, itself, is quite small but if you want to fit in your car, you can just fold it once. It is of 505 mm spread size and 200mm folding size.

Along with that, the smart app is great to keep a track of riding route, smart unlock, auto speed adjusting and even self-checking function. You can use this app in your hone and enjoy a ride of a lifetime, for sure.

The main aim of the manufacturing team is to make this bike high-tech in its loo and usability. That’s why the smart lock app has been added in the package. This service is well-equipped with personalized unlocking method, which comes with intelligent locking system. So, no matter wherever you take it, you can be sure of its safety measures, as well.

So, without wasting time any further, get yourself the DYU electric bike right now! Once you have started using it, you will get to learn more about its working features and won’t get for any other vehicle.