How to Convert MySQL to PostgreSQL?

Why You Should Migrate to PostgreSQL?

MySQL and PostgreSQL are equally popular open-source RDBMS because of their powerful administration and development features. The two systems are ported almost on all popular OS and they have huge number of experts. However, PostgreSQL provides additional advantages for certain projects:

  • Complete compliance with ANSI SQL standard
  • It supports multiple indexing models
  • It also supports both synchronous and asynchronous replications
  • It supports CTE – Common Table Expressions
  • It also supports full outer joins
  • Unlike MySQL platform, PostgresSQL is compatible with arrays

On the other side, PostgreSQL is much more complex if you compare with MySQL and it can become pretty tough for beginners. If you are working on simple projects that can be handled by MySQL there is no point in migrating Postgres, unless you plan to upgrade it.

Migration Methods

These are the steps you should follow in order to migrate your database from MySQL to PostgresSQL – manually.

1. Every table definitions should be extracted from a source database as DDL SQL statements. This is the way to do it:

phpMyAdmin: highlight a table, select ‘Export’ tab, select ‘Custom’, now set the format to ‘SQL’. Remember to pick the radio-button ‘Structure’.

MySQL console client: simply use the statement

mysqldump -d -h (host) -u (user) -p (password) (databasename) > (dumpifle)

Note this: Each pattern in the round brackets should be replaced by actual values.

2. Convert every DDL statements into PostgreSQL format and then upload to the database destination. However, there is a challenging step in this method. You must properly convert column types from MySQL to PostgresSQL. You can get more details about types conversion at

3. Export data from every MySQL table into CSV file format. This can be done as like this:

phpMyAdmin: highlight data table, select ‘Export’, select ‘Custom’, set the format to CSV. After that don’t forget to select radio-button ‘Data’

MySQL console client:  simply use the statement

SELECT * INTO OUTFILE (‘table.csv’)



Note this: Replace every pattern in round brackets with actual values

4. Now, data you exported to CSV format should be converted into PostgreSQL format (if only required). After that load to the destination database

5. Now to the final step. Views, stored procedures and triggers should be extracted from MySQL database in the form of SQL statements and as source code. This can be done both on phpMyAdmin and MySQL console client by using the following SQL-statements:


SELECT table_name, view_definition FROM information_schema.views

WHERE table_schema='(your database name)’

stored procedures

SHOW PROCEDURE STATUS WHERE Db = ‘your database name’



6. Now the resulting statements and the source codes are converted into a PostgreSQL format and loaded to the target database.

Please note that the steps for migration of database from MySQL to PostgresSQL can be complicated and overwhelming. A human error is very common when it’s done manually and this could result in data loss or file corruption. The best practice is to use good software that can automate database conversion process. You can check out MySQL to Postgres conversion tool created by Intelligent Converters. This tool has all the features to handle migration of large and complex databases.

How Does SEO Agency Helps in Internet Marketing and SEO for Your Business?

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Why Should You Own A 3D Printer?


While 3D printing has been around for good amount of time, it has now become the talk of the town. There are many who are not too sold on the idea, but also many who are all praises about this new and exciting concept.

The truth is that 3D printing has opened up a world of possibilities for us and has already facilitated us in a number of fields, including healthcare, architecture, education, and even fashion.


Technology changes and it evolves. Similarly, so has 3D printing. It is not just being used by big organizations and companies to create and innovate but it is exiting the maker niche and becoming available to the common public masses, like you and me. 3D printers can now be bought and used by anyone who is willing to spare at minimum just up to a thousand dollars. That’s right, you can now very easily become the owner of a 3D printer as well and avail its functionality. But you may think, do you really need a 3D printer? Is it really worth investing in something like this? Well here is your answer: yes! And here are some reasons why you should definitely look into getting a 3D printer for your household.


You can save so much money by opting to simply make things at home without the need of tools and material instead of purchasing it from a store. According to a study, you can save $300 to up to $2000 every year out of your household expenses if you choose to print out some items such as towel holders, small furniture items, phone cases, and even tools used in the kitchen, such as a garlic press or a mortar. You are also relieved of the need to visit the store or the supermarket for every little item you need around the house.


With 3D printing, you get an element of customization and personalization that you seldom get with items that you purchase from the store. You can add your own twist to different objects and make them truly your own according to your needs and desires. For example, if you are in the need of a pencil holder, you can make as many sections in the container as you would like which is not what you might get when you purchase one from the store.


3D printers make great visual aids and make doing homework, homeschooling, and understanding concepts a much more interesting and simpler task. Using a 3D printer, you can print our educational aids and models and use physical objects to help your kids better understand complex concepts and ideas in a very simple and detailed manner. Not only that, but it will also encourage your kids to think innovatively and be creative with their ideas as it will stimulate their curiosity.


With a 3D printer, the possibilities are endless. The customization and personalization power that 3D printing gives you is priceless and availing this opportunity, you can delve into the fashion world and be as creative as you look. You can experiment with different materials to create different kinds of jewelry, make various accessories, and even make chunky heels!

Apart from that, you can also use a 3D printer to make accessories, toys, and personalized gifts which are bound to be much more special than those that you would buy from a store. Imagine if you yourself could make a vase or jewelry box for your mother on Mother’s Day in her favorite color and with her name placed at the front. With a 3D printer, that becomes possible!


With 3D printers, replacement and repairment of objects becomes incredibly easy and facilitative. Often at times, you end up breaking a little part of some furniture or equipment and can’t find the right tools or material to fix the error. Or maybe the company you bought the object from is charging a ridiculous amount for a small replacement part. You can rid yourself of these worries by using your own 3D printer to print out the missing or broken parts. You won’t even need tools anymore!


3D printing is generally quicker than if you were to order a part or thing. Say you have broken the handle of your door and you immediately need a replacement and you simply cannot make a trip to the store at the moment, you can simply print it out in an hour or two’s time. Getting one from the market requires you to put out some time for the task specially while ordering it may even take days.


Right now, not everyone owns a 3D printer even though it is accessible yet everyone is fascinated by this new piece of technology. Not only can a 3D printer save money for you, but it can also become a source of steady income. You can offer to make 3D printed objects and models for people online or in your community and make a decent income while sitting at home with your fancy new device.


So have you realized the possibilities that owning a 3D printer can open up to you and are ready to delve into the wondrous and majestic world of 3D printing? Then look no further than Click 3D Printers. We are here to provide you a diverse selection of only the best 3D printers and other related equipment.

Whether it be 3D printers, 3D pens, or 3D printer parts, we possess the complete range of products from which you can choose and purchase at affordable and perfectly reasonable prices. With us, you will never have to worry about the quality of the products and get started on your path to innovation.

The Impact Of The Wonders Of 3D Printing On Our World

Our world is changing and it is changing fast. It was only a decade or so ago that we hadn’t even been introduced to the concept of the iPhone that we all know so intimately today. We have seen more development in the past few years in technology than ever before and it is, admittedly, an extremely exciting time to be alive.

In the olden days, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that if you told them it was possible to create three dimensional, physical and tangible objects using a simple pen, they would consider it nothing short of magic.

Yet it is a possibility for us today. In fact, 3D printers have been used since the past 30 years in various fields due to the utter convenience, facility, and resourcefulness they have brought to our industries as well as our daily lives.

But recent times have seen 3D printing technology become available to the common masses to the point where it is not unusual to see 3D printers being used at offices of a number of niches and even at homes.


The truth is that through 3D printing, we can now make objects and do things that weren’t possible before. It has become a remarkable resource and an extremely critical one in many of our fields and industries and is opening up new doors of possibilities everyday that can make our lives easier and more convenient than they already are.

3D printing is encouraging tinkering and DIY practices by allowing people to create desired parts and pieces by themselves using a 3D printer at home. It is letting people think creatively and bring their imagination to fruition as a physical object that they can actually use. Instead of promoting a culture of consumerism like many other products where people are encouraged to simply sit and be spoon fed whatever the leading companies and brands of their time come up with, masses are encouraged to customize, think, and create what they think they need without relying on any external source.

3D printing has also transformed the commercial and industrial world. It has given us precision and accuracy in construction like we have never had before and has taken innovation to its peak. Prototypes can now be created through Rapid Prototyping techniques in a matter of hours and sample models can be created with every tiny detail incorporated which gives us the capability of testing construction projects or other such products for faults and functionality before they are sent into production and manufacturing. This prevents losses from incurring and gives manufacturers a wider and much clearer perspective on their products and creations.


From construction to architecture, from architecture to designing, and many more, 3D printing has found its application across the board in a multitude of fields. It is making many processes easier and much more affordable and is making the workplace a much more efficient one which is the ultimate goal of innovative technology- to increase efficiency, affordability, and accessibility.

Let’s explore how 3D printing has improved the operations in various fields and industries.


Architects and builders can use 3D printed models to judge the dimensions and space occupation of a building before actually starting the project. They can very easily create and test complex yet accurate scale models of buildings rather than using hand skills which are time consuming, difficult, and often not very accurate. The development process can be vastly improved after gaining perspective on the finished product beforehand.


3D printing has changed the world of healthcare and medicine for the better. Prosthetics are now being simply printed out using 3D printers to perfectly fit an individual’s needs down to the last detail. These techniques are also proving invaluable to surgeons who can print out replicas of surgical problems before actually operating on a real human body and analyze the issue beforehand without having to take unnecessary risks.


As unrelated as it may seem, 3D printing has, indeed, changed the world of education, from primary, to secondary, and to even higher and college education. 3D printers do not require any complex computer programs or applications to run which is why they are a simple, easy to use, and innovative addition to the classroom. They work well to capture the attention of students as well as emphasize certain concepts to clarity in the students’ minds. For example, a teacher teaching about human anatomy or physiology can easily print out a life-like model of the human body using a 3D printer and use it as a visual aid to make grasping concepts easier for the students.


In the world of fashion and interior designing, innovation and novelty of products are the keys to success. With 3D printing, these goals become easily attainable. 3D printing techniques are increasingly being used to design jewelry, both chunky and delicate, as well as various different accessories such as shoes, heels, and sunglasses. The ability of 3D printers to utilize a variety of material such as all sorts of plastics as well as metals allows designers to build furniture of lighter weight yet sturdy quality. They can move on from conventional styles and experiment with new ideas through 3D printing.


Are you looking to delve into the wondrous and majestic world of 3D printing? Then look no further than Click 3D Printers. We are here to provide you a diverse selection of only the best 3D printers and other related equipment. Whether it be 3D printers, 3D pens, or 3D printer parts, we possess the complete range of products from which you can choose and purchase at affordable and perfectly reasonable prices. With us, you will never have to worry about the quality of the products.