SEO and Article Marketing: A Key to Get Success Online

SEO and Article marketing is a way to go that can take your business near to your goals. If you are aiming to get success in your online business you should definitely try out some of the best strategies and tactics in the field of article marketing. Article marketing is a trend of today that can help you get success online in no time at all.

Article writing and marketing it better online can help you in top SEO link building for your website. Article writing is a method by which you can build up better brand and reputation online.

You should therefore focus on creating quality articles that are interesting for your viewers. Quality articles in no time will automatically create many of the one way backlinks for you and can help your site rank better in search engines.

With the help of article writing skills to create great articles, you can create free articles for your online business and article marketing. According to search engine optimisation Brisbane article writing and publishing them on the various sites can boost up your rankings very soon. It builds good reputed links to your website that helps you get more and more site traffic fast and easy.

However if you are not good and experienced at this, you should always consider taking the help of a reputed SEO agency for getting your task done.

Getting the success online is a dream for every webmaster and online business owner. Online success may be differently interpreted for different people. Many wants to get the financial freedom that can make them free to work at their own comfort levels. And for many others success only means to earn a small piece of income that can help them to spend more for their luxuries.

Aiming at the success you want to get online, article writing and marketing your article by better means can help you to reach out to your goals quite fast. You need better strategies and methods so that you can keep each and every step in the positive direction that point towards the online business success.

Say Hello To A New Era Of Selfies With These 5 Foldable Selfie Drones!

Selfie drones are currently very popular. They are easy to handle, usually small in size and are ideal for quick and easy capture of your best moments. There are already relatively affordable selfie mini drones, some even with a 4K camera.

Some of these drones even have foldable propeller arms, making them more space-saving and safer. We would like to introduce you to these 5 mini drones with selfie functionality. All five have great abilities and features at a good price-performance ratio.

If you are interested in discovering more amazing foldable selfie drones for the year of 2017, we suggest you read this article on selfie drones at

XIRO Xplorer Mini Drone

The performance quality of XIRO Xplorer is at the highest level. Its construction is strong, there is no hint of creaky plastic and it seems that to break its integrity you would need to try hard. The mechanism includes foldable propeller arms, without any backlash, the move is tight, and in the flight position, the arms are fixed with a characteristic click. On board the XIRO Xplorer is a 13MP camera with a viewing angle of 190° like a fisheye. The video quality corresponds to the claimed 1920 × 1080p at 30 fps and will satisfy any selfie lover.

Next, it’s worth mentioning the design. The panel that closes the battery of the XIRO Xplorer is of special attention. For its design, the XIRO Xplorer received the Red Dot Design Award 2016, by the European Design Institute in Essen, Germany. Furthermore, the team of recommends this drone as “a stylish, compact and powerful mini tool in the hands of a skillful photographer.” The XIRO Xplorer can be purchased for a price of $499.


AirSelfie is a foldable selfie drone that fits easily in your pocket. It is equipped with a set of sensors, a microSD card slot, a wireless Wi-Fi adapter and a battery. According to Patch, “The best thing is when you take a selfie – you can immediately share it on social networks because the drone is connected to a cell phone via Wi-Fi.”

The good-looking foldable drone carries a 5-megapixel camera on board. You can control the drone via the app for smartphones based on the Android and iOS operating systems. The flying qualities of the AirSelfie are impressive for such a tiny drone. It rises to a height of up to twenty meters, hangs in place for shooting selfies and gently lands on the owner’s hand. The user can also simply take the drone in his hand while it’s hovering in the air. AirSelfie can be bought for the price of $279.

DJI Mavic Pro – excellent reviews for an excellent drone

The DJI Mavic Pro foldable drone can either be controlled with the smartphone or you can use the brand-new remote control included. This looks completely different from the previous remotes of DJI. It is more compact and resembles rather a gamepad. It has also been designed so that it can be transported conveniently and space-saving.  The brand new OcuSync technology in the DJI Mavic Pro is completely new. Thanks to it, the radio range for the foldable drone including the FPV image transmission is an incredible 7 kilometers. The FPV images are transmitted in HD quality, similar to the previous Lightbridge technology.

This foldable drone is unique, modern, innovative and perhaps the best semi-professional mini drone currently on the market. The price-performance ratio is really good, nowhere do you get so much drone for so little money. You can get one for a price of $999. Our colleagues at Patch summarize that “Mavic Pro has practically no shortcomings.” 

HJJR H37 Elfie Drone – most appropriate choice for selfie newbies

Take the H37 Elfie drone with you – it’s portable, small and light thanks to the foldable design. Laconic and aesthetically perfect, the design of Elfie is thought out to the smallest detail: the mini drone is folded up to the size of an eyeglass case. ABS plastic, of which the body is made – is a durable material, thanks to which the foldable drone is resistant to damage along the entire perimeter. Did I even mention that it comes at a price under $100? Elfie easily changes its size! With folded propeller arms, this is a real kid – only 13.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm! With the Elfie, it’s incredibly easy and convenient to do selfies! You can carry the drone in a special protective bag, besides, it will be protected from dust. According to, the Elfie drone is the definite choice for all beginners in managing selfie drones.

Yuneec Breeze 4K

Yuneec Breeze 4K has five automatic flight modes. Choose the optimal one in order to catch the same, unique frame. The “Selfie” and “Flight around” modes will help you to take effective selfies and videos, and the “Follow Me” mode is a guarantee of successful aerial photography of jogs, bike tours, and other sports activities.

Selfies of exquisite quality, previously achieved solely by the skill of an experienced photographer, are now available with a single keystroke! Enjoy every moment, and leave working moments to your Breeze 4K. Thanks to the exciting 4K-resolution and 13-megapixel selfie camera, the Yuneec Breeze 4K will make your frames steeper than drones even twice its size. Broadcast 720 HD video in real time is carried out on your smartphone. The team at especially points out the quality of the camera, saying “Camera Yuneec Breeze 4K belongs to the top category of photosensors.“ Go get yourself this amazing selfie quadcopter for the price of $449.

Which one of these mini drones suits your selfie needs best? We would love to hear your opinion. Also, please share this article with all your friends who are passionate about mini drones and selfies. They might just find the selfie-making drone of their dreams.

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