Android Mirroring- One Of The Most Impressive Apps By Google

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Since the advent of android phones, internet usage has witnessed a great boom. People from all parts of world desire using the latest and distinct android techniques for their well being and entertainment. As a result of which techniques like android mirroring have been developed.


Android mirroring features exactly the way you expect it to work. After you install the app and going through its set up procedure, you get an option to chromecast your entire browser. The app allows its users to do Smartphone recording and create distinct android videos over their android screens. Following are some of the attributes of this app:

  • Creating video recording of the android
  • Mirroring the android screens to chromecast
  • Mirroring the android device screens to apple TV

It goes without saying that there are certain bugs which are still given in the early beta. Chrome mirroring and chromecast is particularly supported in nexus 5 and higher devices because it requires a special category of hardware video decoder so as to use it. Users ought to have the root access to their devices for having this super-app installed.

In case you have successfully met up with all the requirements for installing this app, then you must sign up for beta for getting an instant access to the mirror android app. mirroring the screen of your android device over television is quite useful when you are demonstrating something or showing photographs to group of people.

Google has turned it absolutely possible to mirror your device using one of its official features. The first announcement for the release of the mirroring app was made on June 2014. The app has now been released for benefitting the tech savvy people in the most amazing way possible. Apart from nexus 5, some other limited devices that support this app include:

  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 7
  • Nexus 10
  • Samsung galaxy s4 and device s4 devices with Google play edition
  • Galaxy note 3 from Samsung
  • Galaxy s5 from Samsung
  • HTC One M7 and its M7 devices with Google play edition
  • LG G2
  • LG G3
  • LG G PRO 2

Along with introducing the app in the market, Google has promised to make the app supportable in some more gadgets. However, if you already belong to the above mentioned list and have decided to install the app, then make sure that you observe the following points:

  • Download 1.7 version of chromecast
  • Ensure that you have a proper Wi-Fi network for accessing the chromecast
  • Launch chromecast in case you have finished with the download/updating