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All You Need to Know about Dash Cameras

A dash cam is an important useful device which can be used to capture important events while you are traveling. It can be mounted inside or outside your car’s dashboard. It can be easily installed with the help of direct dashboard friction mounts, suction cup mounts, etc. You just need batteries to power these cameras. They are hardwired to the 12 volt system of your vehicles or with the help of a cigarette lighter.

Once installed and connected, these cams record everything it sees on your daily travel. Dash cams are designed to come in single lens as well as multiple lens configurations that allow both front and rear recording. They are designed to fit not only inside four wheelers and bigger vehicles but also for two-wheelers.

dash cam

According to dash cam reviews, these device record everything during the day as well as night. The Thinkware X500 is one of the best in class dash cam which stands out due to its capability to record rear and front videos perfectly during the night as well.

The major differences between the different dash cams are the GPS, rear view, collision warnings, controls/interface, speed camera alerts and lane departure features. But all of them (Thinkware X500, Yada, Garmin Nuvicam LMTD, etc) do not offer these features upto the mark. But overall, Thinkware X500 works best when compared to the others.

Dash cam is a must have equipment in your cars and bikes. They can be of great advantage as evidence of an accident or to save events that are close to your heart. The events recorded in these cams can serve very helpful once you are back home. So owning a dash cam could actually save you from major trouble at times.


How does smart thermostat save money on your energy bills?

Who doesn’t like to save some money by saving by saving energy usage? A lot of money is being spent on cooling and heating various things not just at home but also in industries.

Saving a penny a day is also a great amount. If you are someone looking to save some money by using smart thermostat, there is no doubt it’s a great start! The other attractive reason is you can control the thermostat from any place. But are you still wondering if it is worth the money and effort?

If you are currently using too much energy consistently through for everyday purpose, you can definitely see improvement in energy consumption by just letting a thermostat to manage your cooling and heating.

It is a known fact that there is nothing much one can do with regard to the utilities pricing in the region; however it is possible to become a lucky consumer through upgrading the utility company to a smart thermostat. The difference can be immediately noticed in big firms and this indirectly save money for you.


Compatibility and Features:

Smart thermostats will allow you to alter various thermostat sets from smartphone–and, at times through a web browser, witha person’s voice using special devices like Amazon Echo and through computer. This offers a different level of opportuneness, as it is possible to turn on the air conditioner when you are on your way back from a vacation.

Yes, it’s cool and nice features are attractive and by the time to get close to the front door from scorching heat, you room chilled room is waiting to invite you! Or the other way around, to give you necessary warmth when you are rush to the doors from a chill winter weather.

Usage tracker:

Most thermostats also let you to check your usage and also track the cooling or heating occurrence time, this will help in you getting better idea of how consumption is increasing and how to control.In fact the major feature of these smart thermostats is the facility to adjustment things per requirement.

The Honeywell WiFi Thermostat, for instance, will learn when there are people in the house and away and according adjust the energy consumption, this is the very reason it is called as a smart application.If you start adjusting the temperature to a particular degree at certain point time, it will capture this information to understand and will make it a habit to adjust automatically.

Honeywell WiFi Thermostat

Onboard Memory:

It is now possible to buy Honeywell WiFi Thermostat at Amazon; though this is not one of the latest models, its unique features and performance are still an attraction for customers. The demand for this is always high. Some people like conventional look while other look for a nesty one.

Some other attractive features of this smart thermostat is that there is no monthly fees associated, energy bills can be saved through programmed modes, it learns and adapts to home cooling and heating requirements, connectivity or this smart thermostats brain will not be lost even if there is poor or no internet connection.

The settings are saved in the onboard memory, thus even if power is lost, it will not lose the store information. It has automatic features that can switch from cooling to heating and vice-versa. It makes use of Accuweather to grab outside temperature information, upto 5 days forecast can also be viewed in this smart thermostat.

Auto-temperature Adjustment:

This is a responsive and well-designed application available at absolute, simply download and experience the difference e by yourselves. Both Android and Apple phones can support this application. Any failure in the system functionality will be informed through email alerts. It will continuously inform both inside and outside temperature. Also it is possible to use or set up multiple thermostats for multiple users.

Apart from protecting the smart thermostat from unwanted usage with a 4-digit pin, you can also share access with third parties according to the need. By this right usage of energy is possible. Add email address of user you are willing to share the thermostat through ‘My Total Connect Comfort’ account, and access & control it with the help of touch-screen locks. There is no doubt, this is worth every penny spent on it, stop thinking and get one now!

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Shopping Online Made Even More Affordable with Amazon Price Tracker

Shopping Online is always fun and exciting for every one of us. Gone are the days when you need to spend long hours looking for your favorite products at the physical local markets near you. Today with the help of online shopping sites such as Amazon you can easily shop at the comfort of your home. And the best part is that all your products are right delivered at your door steps without the need of you going out.

When it comes to shopping online every one of us want to look around and shop at the lowest possible price around. As the prices here at Amazon online store keeps on changing you never know when it will be the right time for you to buy. In some cases people may buy at higher rates without any discounts when they can buy the same item at an affordable price after few hours or after a day.

amazon shopping

You may be thinking that what can be the solution for this? Well, Amazon Price Tracker like EZ Price Alerts can help you a lot regarding this. With this specially designed tool you can monitor the Amazon prices of your favourite products in your wish list. This simply means that you can now shop for the lowest prices when you use this tool. Also it enables you to see all the price history of the product.

For using this tool you just need to search for the product or just add it by entering its name or Amazon ASIN or its url. Then you can enter your target price and the email address. The Amazon Price Tracker automatically check the prices at Amazon and will send you the alert when it gets changed. You can then easily purchase the product when the price has been dropped. Isn’t it sound exciting?

The best benefit is that you need not sign up for using this tool. However it is recommended to sign up here once if you want to get added advantages of the tracker. Using this tool is absolutely free and you should join it now for easy and affordable shopping.


Why Microsoft is turning into an open-source company?

I know it’s, hard for some of you to trust it, yet Microsoft truly and genuinely is well on its approach to turning into an open-source organization.

How about we experience the rundown might we? Microsoft just discharged its own adaptation of FreeBSD for Azure. So what, you say? Who utilizes FreeBSD? All things considered, you’ve most likely known about a little organization called Netflix. At that point, there’s Citrix, Array Networks, Gemalto. also, Netgate, which as of now have virtual apparatuses on the Azure Marketplace.

Prior this year, Microsoft and Canonical banded together up to convey Ubuntu to Windows 10. Why? Since it makes it simpler for designers to compose programs for Ubuntu on the Azure cloud. You know, Ubuntu, the most loved Linux of Azure clients.


Before that, Microsoft purchased Xamarin, the multi-stage versatile application advancement program. Xamarin dependably had a great deal of open source in it, yet Microsoft has pushed it significantly encourage that path by publicly releasing its Xamarin programming improvement pack (SDK), runtime, libraries and summon line instruments. The Redmond team’s purpose behind doing this? Building applications twice is once time and again. This move makes C#, Microsoft trusts, aggressive with Objective-C, Swift, or Java in the versatile space.

These are just Microsoft’s latest moves. In 2015 Microsoft brought .NET Core to Linux; upheld Debian GNU/Linux on its Azure cloud; and set up its own Linux affirmation. Microsoft’s present CEO, Satya Nadella, has announced that Microsoft cherishes Linux. Hell, Microsoft even has its own, particular Linux dissemination: Azure Cloud Switch.

What do every one of these moves have in like manner? They’re intended to make Microsoft a gainful open-source organization.

Microsoft isn’t simply turning into a cloud organization, despite the fact that it is that as well, it’s swinging to open-hotspot for benefits also. Take a gander at where Microsoft’s incomes originate from in 2016. Server items and cloud administrations profit with 20 percent of aggregate income. Microsoft Office, which is transforming into a cloud administration, takes third place in the wake of gaming. Windows? It’s scarcely more than 10 percent.

Presently what keeps running on the cloud? I’ll let you know: It’s open-source working frameworks and server applications. To quote Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure, “It’s self-evident, on the off chance that we don’t bolster Linux, we’ll be Windows just and that is not pragmatic.” He included that one in four virtual machine examples on Azure are Linux and that the number is expanding

Open source has turned into the overwhelming advancement worldview. While individuals used to discuss open source and free programming as far as religion or tumor, contingent upon which side you were on, the genuine reason open source has won is that it bodes well.

As Jim Zemlin, the Linux Foundation’s official executive, has said, open source “imparted advancement is empowering speedier improvement to higher quality and lower costs. This is creating the product esteem chain to change.” Microsoft gets this.

Furthermore, it’s not simply programming. The hindrance amongst equipment and programming is getting eradicated. As Zemlin remarked:

Equipment capacities are progressively being preoccupied into programming. You can see this in programming characterized organizing (SDN), server virtualization, and the cloud. This has put a great deal of weight on equipment sellers. More authority equipment has been supplanted by open source programming running on non specific x86 boxes.

So it is that practically every innovation organization, including Microsoft, is moving over to open hotspot for its improvement.

Of course, Microsoft won’t be publicly releasing Windows or Office. Those have colossal sunk expenses they’re still beneficial. In any case, for any future activities? It will be constantly. What’s more, as Windows and Office move to the cloud, it wouldn’t shock me one piece if back in Microsoft datacenters they’ll be running on Linux or FreeBSD.